Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar: a visual masterpiece

Avatar is definitely a dream project of James Cameron. 12 years and $320 million went into the making of what I felt was a visual extravaganza. Right before Avatar's world-wide release, the film picked up 4 nominations in the 67th Golden Globe awards: Best Motion Picture - Drama, Best Director - Motion Picture, Best Original Score - Motion Picture and Best Original Song - Motion Picture.

The bold colors made the film visually very striking. While watching the Pandora I kept on thinking will Avatar change cinema? I think, as many of you already do, it already did in many ways. There was nothing new about the story of Avatar. Yet it had the power to keep the audience engrossed in the film.

After Titanic, Cameron took a 12 year break to make Avatar. The director shot his actors on blank stages first and then his cameras that has been developed over years, turned the shots into the beautiful Pandora. Truly, Cameron with his army of Avatar has not let his fans down... Cameron did a meticulous job by enlisting a linguist to create a full language for the Na'vi with its own phonetics, lexicon and syntax.


shiva said...

well written..

ravikanth said...

i totally agree with u and also like to add a point.,the main theme is"FIGHING FOR THE RIGHTS",which is a gud theme but at the same time that idea was presented in the past
but now his presentation is gud.,i loved that
presenting a sensitive topic in a attractive way
i am eagerly waiting for the 2nd part
hope it will be better than this

BorinGuy said...

did u manage to see the 3D version of this film ?

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