Friday, July 25, 2008

Anek holo agoon niye khela!

Anek holo agoon niye khela!

Agoon tomay ki diechhe bolo?

Vesuvius jaagchhe dekho cheye,

Ebar tomar ason tolomolo.

Ajutborsho angarey angarey

Panjor ghirey jwolchhe lelihan-

Jwolchhe hridoy,jwoluk tobe aaj,

Dripto hoye jwoluk abhiman.

Taar cheye ei torol agoon naao

Ason theke ebar eso neme-

Agoon jwalo amaar dhomonite

Chinbo tomay preme,apreme.

Friday, July 18, 2008

back to childhood........

have you ever thought of reliving your childhood days?? have you ever thought of running down those waterlogged streets dirtying your shoes and clothes?? have you not missed fighting with a friend for a mere sticker that u managed to get for free with a bubble gum?? Have you not missed those days when u played pranks and got scolded??have you not missed sharing Tiffin with your close friends or sipping over a single bottle of coke??

Free periods in school… when I had endless chit chat with friends making loud noise until the teacher from some other class dropped in to give a good piece of thrashing…and then all us either stood on the bench holding ears or kneeled outside the class as a mark of punishment…lunch break and we are out in the play ground pushing each other in a football game…fighting over silly issues with friends that would hardly last an hour…

Little games at the park where we all would meet in the evening back from school…there I would be sitting on the park bench as I grew up from a kid into a lady…sit there with my close circle and talk about life…from non-stop running that would take my breath out it became long casual walks…

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