Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well this years Oscar – It was never this close to my heart. I had worked upon it for months. Writing reviews, gossips and news updates. The 2009 Oscar Prediction keyword went up to rank 3rd in google search engine. I have raised my voice for Slumdog, fighting with all my friends those who predicted the film would be bashed up at the event.

And yes, how happy I was, writing live news updates while the Oscar took place. I was in office since 5 in the morning watching the stars dazzling Red Carpet in designer wear. And I cant express the way I cheered every time Slumdog bagged a nod.

I hear everybody speculate about 8 Oscar nods of the rags to riches story. But hey guys do u remember that the highest degree of cinematic excellence is awarded at the Oscars where films like Titanic take home 11 nods? So what even if the most boring, bespectacled, loaded with intellect, salt and pepper haired cynical critics have written off Slumdog Millionaire? I am happy for my own country's win. I am happy that Rahman has become the first Indian to win 2 Oscars. Whatever it is... I, like an average minded person, only feel that OUR Rahman has swayed 2 Oscar nods.... Now its our Rahman….no more communal colors guys!

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