Wednesday, February 4, 2009

dark circles

Our love will never end...Every time, I was made to live my life without u, I wished I could tear myself away from the mess...long sleepless nights, pillows dampen with choked sobs, a night-long of wait until random thoughts start rumbling...i walk to gaze at the beggar sleeping on the footpath near the light post on the other side of the window. Without me, I thought the whole world could sleep...even u... Like I desperately want to. Sleep in least tonight... memories were cluttering in my mind....I dreamt poems I wrote when I fell in love...ten years too late...wish I could borrow my dreams I had dreamt then to see you once....dark circles fill a larger part of my face...if u weren't there I would have my own mornings, my own little triumphs, my won joys and celebrations...i am now a selfish soul...i laugh to see the sadness in his eyes...i puke when my friends share their sorrows with mee....i ball to see him suffer....

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