Tuesday, September 16, 2008

then what??????????

a frnd wrote:
what has the world come to when people 'teach' you how to live abetter life...... 'i belong to you?' why must i belong to you? andeven if i do, thats only for me to know! why would i want you to knowwhether i belong to you or not? what if that makes you unhappy, andsubsequently me? an art gone waste, or is there another chance? if iwere to be happy, i neednt go about saying all good things to people,expecting them to be happy for that! no!
i replied:
i dont know....i myself am confused....y do i need to be so good all the time....y do i need to make people happy?? i do i act like lord krishna?? did lord krishna make everyone happy....he moved away from gokul which made numerous gopinis and radha cry for him....he killed kansha and made his wife mourn.....what social reform will i bring by telling people that i belong to them?? what if i catch hold of a man passing by stop him and tell him that i belong to him...next moment he might just try to follow me home, ask for my number, try to bother me and in the end turn out to be nothing but a road side romeo....then what??

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