Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i miss you

i miss you when i walk past the coffee shop
i miss you when i see the empty park benches
i miss you when its 8 am and the phone doesnt ring
i miss you when theres a match on the tv
i miss you when the new movies release on fridays
i miss you when i get angry and want to throw things at people
i miss you when i get a compliment i would want to share it with you
i miss you in the mornings, evenings, noon and night
i miss you in my breakfast, i miss you in my dinner
i do not know how else i miss you, but i tell you things are just not right without you being there....

if you were around i would have shared a thousand thoughts with you. if i could see you i would have shown you all the love i have carefully preserved in my eyes. if i could hold you i would pass on the same shiver i get when i see your radiant face. but the thoughts remain in the core of my heart, the love wells up in my eyes into an ocean of tears, the shiver trickles down my spine and i miss you. with each passing moment, with growing intensity, with the helplessness of a child left alone, i miss you. i cant relate to what i miss you like, its uncomparable, the pain of missing you doesnt have a human equivalence, the suffering it bestows upon me is never ending, i long to look up and cry aloud - oh! i am missing you in every beat of my heart, in every second of my existance, in every dream i have dreamt, and i miss you with all my life.

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Suman said...

nicely written.. very nicely written.. can u pls make the contrast
better between the letters and background... otherwise it is really hard to see...
again thanx for awasome writting

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